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Mixed media on Canvas board. Made for my DD’s teacher who retired this year.

This will also be part of a series of mixed media on canvas classes starting soon. Email for details. All Classes are held in Cape Town, South Africa.




Art Journal Introduction morning

My first Art Journal introduction workshop on 9th May 2015 at Creative Arts in Durbanville, Cape town. I was so nervous despite having taught and presented on numerous occasions in other spheres of my life. There was a very powerful feeling of this being a new beginning, a sort of forerunner to things to come. A sense of purpose and an inherent belief in what I was doing…..but I was still nervous…lol..wonder why!! But as always once I get started there is nothing but the eager participants on my mind.

We started with a little presentation about Art journaling. It is a fairly uncommon art at the moment here in SA. Very few places actually offer classes or journaling crop sessions. We went thru the basic tools required, busted some myths about needing a mortgage to buy materials and also featured some prominent journalers and their personal style.

The morning was also about a bit of  touch and feel session and some play. I demonstrated layering techniques and all the participants made little tags as a memento of the mornings proceedings. It never ceases to amaze me how with the same set of instructions and resources each tag is unique and special.

If you are interested in attending a workshop, class or journaling crop, email for details. I work out of various studios in Cape town, South Africa, so there just might be one near you.


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