CL Art Journal – 6 All you need is love

Some days love and fresh air is really all you need to get by. I have long been a fan of the song by the same name by the Beatles. Love has a certain power like no other. It is an emotion that can drive you to achieve great heights or plunge you to deep despair.  It is also the perfect ‘ rescue’ pill. That day I was caught between experiencing it on both ends of the spectrum…simultaneously.

For this page as always I was aiming to try something ‘new’ and have made a little tutorial for how I went about it here. Enjoy.





ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE – Step-by-step art journal page

My first step-by-step pictorial for an art journal page I made last week. Luckily had my phone in my craft room and decided to take pictures as I went along. Haven’t quite figured out the over head video camera and video editing thingamajig as yet so pictures it is for now.


Materials used:

Liquid Gesso

Locally bought Plain hearts stencil

Tim Holtz layer stencils

Locally bought large flower & love stamps

Local Wooden block text stamps

Art is stencil by TCW

Confetti Stencil Heidi Swapp

Mister Huey Ink sprays

Texture paste

Red acrylic paint

Distress inks

Chalk Ink

Blending foam

Archival Ink

Step 1: I covered the journal page with gesso. If you are using a thick watercolor paper and want a bright background you can skip this step. I wanted a muted chalky finish.

Step 2: Next I sprayed the page with yellow/ orange and red the inks and blotted off excess with a kitchen paper towel.


Step 3: Using foam dabber and chalk ink I created a contrast in the background with the art is text stencil.



Step 4: Using distress inks in the same tones as the sprays I stamped flowers all over the page.


Step 5: Since i was planning to use a bright red in the foreground i wanted to mute the background a bit more and went over it with a layer of gesso. You can see the change in tone in the pictures below.



Step 6: Next I taped up the parts that I did not want to use on this stencil and then layered a patterned stencil under the hearts stencil to create a patterned heart. Next time I will use just a piece of paper as a mask on the patterned stencil. The paste did smudge with the extra thick layer caused by the heart stencil substrate.




Step 7: I did 3 rows of hearts each with their own pattern.



Step 8: Using this lovely Heidi Swapp confetti stencil I added some hearts with a foam dabber and chalk ink.



Step 9: To add some interest to the border I stamped black flowers in archival ink using the same stamps I had used in the background. I also added the text elements with archival ink. To give the text more prominence I went over some of the flowers with a light touch of gesso to push them into the background a bit.



Step 10: My page was DONE!…:))))

I hope you enjoyed my first tutorial. Please leave your comments for any improvements I can make for next time. Or post pages you might have made after being inspired by this post on the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/creatifeksperyans.