CL Art Journal 7- Gratitude

This page happened after a bit of a whirlwind of anxiety and stress. It just seemed like it would not stop at the time. I have had a few instances of this happening in recent times but with each new one I seem to cope better. It is sometimes best to try and step aside from that situation, thank the Lord for all the good things and try to ease that anxiety about the unknown with gratitude for what we already have.

I started with black gesso on this page because that darkness really does envelop you. There was a stenciled doily pattern done with modelling paste (used some left over paste from a different project) The circles were meant to represent me going around in circles but eventually turned out more like gifts and ornaments, which clearly shows a mindshift from that anxiety to a more calm space.

The doily got a little messed up as I tried to highlight just the raised area of the paste. My chalk ink pad had a mind of it own. Coincidentally there is a bit of text in the circles that says ‘happy girl’…:) Love how these things just happen!!

IMG_2131 IMG_0383 IMG_0384


CL Art Journal – 6 All you need is love

Some days love and fresh air is really all you need to get by. I have long been a fan of the song by the same name by the Beatles. Love has a certain power like no other. It is an emotion that can drive you to achieve great heights or plunge you to deep despair.  It is also the perfect ‘ rescue’ pill. That day I was caught between experiencing it on both ends of the spectrum…simultaneously.

For this page as always I was aiming to try something ‘new’ and have made a little tutorial for how I went about it here. Enjoy.





CL Art Journal 5 – Watching the world go by

This was an especially busy and tough week for me. Some days there are just so many things I WANT to do but there are overshadowed by all the things I NEED to do. Time just does not stand still and sometimes I am just way too tired. Once you cross 4o you become vividly aware of how much you wanted to do and how much you have actually achieved. This almost makes you want to hit the fast forward button on certain important developments you have wanted in your life. That sense of regret and frustration often makes me feel like life is just passing me by. I am like a spectator, helpless and powerless and small.

This was one of my first faces in a journal page. Inspired by a video by Dina Wakley. I recall how scared I was to draw faces on my fashion design illustrations and that hasnt changed that much even now. But the video reminded me of a lot of the basic concepts I have learned before and allowed me to explore water color pencils too.



Plenty of room for improvement on the face for sure, But I quite like the way it turned out for a first attempt. I have since gone on to do the ‘Fly’ canvas and ‘Inner Peace’ page using faces.


My welcome back home/Xmas gift last year was the Silhouette Cameo  although I really havent had much time to play with it I have been experimenting a bit. In trying to get the fonts cut out, the machine messed up some of the paper and I was left with this beautiful negative impression of the word I was actually trying to cut. Happy accident. My favorite Moroccan trellis stencil with texture paste partially covers the face. The winter feel just evolved and fit in with the message somehow.



An unusual combination of colors for me but they seem to work quite nicely.


Definitely want to go from spectator to player soon!




CL Art Journal 4 – Freedom

When situations in life becomes overwhelming we look for escape, to be set free. Love how delicate and pretty this page turned out despite such a loaded message.


edit IMG_0233The foundation is a pretty scrap book paper. I covered it with a white tissue paper to give it a hazy effect.


The lace tape is such a great embellishment. you can use not just the actual sticker itself but the backing paper can also be used. I wanted some movement and decided to stick the butterflies  just down the middle so they could be lifted off at the wings.

IMG_0235 Some texture paste through  stencil and gesso makes for a very serene background. I think I would have liked the word freedom to be more dimensional. Some embossing powder perhaps. Maybe I will go back and do that after all.

edit IMG_0233

All in all this page gives me a beautiful sense of calm.






CL Art Journal 3 – Be Mindful

Am loving how one page is inspiring another in this journal! This page carries on from my ‘Love Art’ spread. I was talking to one of my Art therapy mentors about how self-indulgent I have become with my art and she said to me that I need to be more mindful about that. So on the drive home that thought rolled around in my mind and I thought about all the many aspects in my life where it would help to be more mindful…more aware…more cognizant!


I started by laying down some patterned paper with a sort of cog-wheel design. You can see a bit of it along the edges at the bottom of the page.  Gesso over and then painted blue, Added white texture paste through a stencil. The gold was a nice offset and actually shimmers when it catches the light. IMG_0231The text is on strips of some shoe box tissue that was distressed and stamped with archival ink. I pasted only the centre as I like that ruffled texture. IMG_0226The Doily was an afterthought to break the monotony of the page and provide a background for the chipboard lettering. IMG_0227

Another page I am proud of.




CL Art Journal 2 – Love Art

The second page in my book fell into place very easily. My first page evoked so many emotions that I decided to actually base my next page on them.


Deciding on a color scheme is a bit of struggle for me. My mind darts in so many different directions. So this time I decided to choose 3 colors that work well together and shut the color box so I would not torment myself. I did however add some complimentary colors as I went along.

This page talks about how much I enjoy art. That I could be painting all day. How life gets in the way!


There is a schedule from a cable TV magazine in the background. I am on a tight schedule on schools days. Then when I do get around to making time for art I obsess over stuff. The tags describe some of these obsessions.


The cog wheels are turning and I want to set myself free (butterflies)


I LOVE how this page turned out!


CL Art Journal 1 – The Time is now

So I bought a new ‘fancy’ journal!

And waited a whole week to decide what my first page would be….it had to be perfect right. New journal and all. I just could not decide on what I wanted to do for the first page.

What I did know is that i wanted to test the paper first. So I used a couple of the back pages to test for absorbency, reaction to very wet media, dry media and pens and made notes on that. Still no plan for page 1.

Got my gelatos out and started putting down a sort of rainbow color splatters every where. It looked terrible! Bright and ugly. Decided to stencil with texture paste to mute the colors. It was still terrible. With no real direction or plan to go forward or fix this mess, I decided to walk away….telling myself all sorts of negative things about how I think I am so good at this but actually I know squat, how ugly this page was, OMG I have to look at this everyday and its disgusting etc etc.

That night I watched a video, where the artist started with something, could not get it to work , the whole thing went to mud and then out of all that mess she turned it around and there came a beautiful page! The next morning I went back to my journal. Gesso over the colors and got this muted colored background. I sanded off some of the texture to make it brighter and was intent on stamping all those negative words /thoughts from the night before as a reminder that there is no such thing as ugly art!


As I started to write the word Journey I realized it actually has the word journal in it, then came the rest of the words and the arrangement suddenly looked so good. IMG_0214The words were also meaningful and relevant to what had happened to the page and what this journal was all about. It is a journey , of learning, of self discovery and expression through art. I added the time stamps and the map stamp to tie in the theme and there you go my first page of my ‘fancy’ journal was born. Its not the best and I know I could have done so much better if I had not stressed out so much. But seeing it each day reminds me of what not to do in some ways.


The time is now…..



Art Journal 2 – Contemplating life

Art Journal 2 – Contemplating life

After viewing so many you tubers working in purpose made journals I was determined to find myself something suitable. The closest I got to that was Moleskine but they were not available in the type of paper quality I was looking for and were mostly ruled! At my local art store I stumbled upon what was to become my new ‘fancy’ journal.

The book I am using is called Zequenz. It is the classic 360* and of course I chose the red cover…:)))). Read more about it in my post about journals here.

As it turned out this journal has developed a theme. I will name it ” Contemplating Life” or CL for short in the pages that follow.

I’m not quite sure if I want to work on the cover as yet. But I do love the bright red (very easy to locate) color.