Altered Journal

Altered Journal

My foray into art journaling began out of boredom. I was overseas caring for my mom who had been diagnosed with cancer and suddenly there was no kids, school runs  and noise to fill my day. Between caring for a patient that was relatively easygoing and making meals for her, there were large pockets of time when I had nothing to do. Since I could not leave mum alone at home unattended, going out was not much of an option initially. I had been doing a fair amount of mixed media art and following a lot of Art journalers on you tube and blogs for almost 2 years now. I had always wanted to start a journal of my own but somehow between getting confused about the type of journal to buy and the lack of availability locally of the journal types that were frequently named, it just remained a thought. Until September 2014 and the situation I mentioned above.

As fate would have it while ‘cleaning’ my moms book shelves I across this book. It was a jotting pad from an architecture exhibition my uncle had attended. The pages were a good weight and an off white color. The book had a kraft color card cover and a wire binding. Although most the pages were printed with advertisements schedules and pictures of the speakers there was still a lot of blank pages in it as well. Perhaps the most striking connection I made with this journal was the fact that its title was ‘361*’. At that point in time I really did feel like I was being stretched to those limits too. Another ironic twist to this book was the front cover with its list of speakers happened to have the  Indian Speaker at the top of the list and a South African speaker from Cape Town at the bottom of the list. Another connection was formed. It was almost as if it had been waiting there for me.


So off I went to the local art store and was pleasantly surprised to find a fair amount of the basics. I was also mindful of the fact that I had a room full of supplies back home and the luggage allowances when I eventually returned home. But I did manage to gather up a decent stash. Bought inks, stamps, stencils and other supplies online and I was ready to get started.