AWOL and other news

AWOL and other news

Updating pictures on my facebook page today made me realise how much time has gone by since I have been consistently creative and making art! Wow my mojo sure took a long holiday it seems!AWOL – bad mojo!

I’ve had some crazy kind of creative block. Some of my favorite excuses ‘No time’, ‘Yes time but no mood’, ‘yes mood but physically unwell’, ‘Gosh my table is messy’, ‘gosh my studio is messy’, ‘Getting inspired by Pinterest….6 hours later still getting inspired by Pinterest because facebook came by to say hello and Whats app was feeling needy or Skype was beckoning’…one word procrastination!!! Like really! why would you procrastinate on something you enjoy! Isn’t that reserved for unsavory chores and tasks!

Well whatever the reasons (ahem excuses) fact is hardly any art happened! That’s not to say other creative things did not happen! Frames finally went onto walls (then took 2 months to have pictures in them), Art went onto walls, I creatively rearranged the studio (or so I like to think), cake orders happened……despite all this that ‘no art happening’ thing was really eating at me.

Then the USA happened…..OMG retail theraphy is the cure for all maladies! Hobby Lobby…check! Michaels…..check! Joanns…..check…….going to these stores was truly was a pilgrimage to the holy land of creativity. Having heard about all these amazing places over the years it was mind blowing to finally stand inside those doors….gawking! at the sheer size of the store and variety of materials available. I even discovered new crafts. But most important the prices! Had a bit of a Willy Wonka golden ticket moment handing over my 40% off coupon…:)))) Christmas came super early!

3 weeks since I got back and I have been bursting with ideas and plans and layouts and enthusiasm! yes lots of enthusiasm……did I mention enthusiasm! LoL let me exit on that note before I jinx myself.

Art is happening again…..will post pictures soon.

Xo Xo