Angels, Fairies and Elves – Mixed Media Lab DT March 2016


This months DT theme had me really worried……firstly beacuse I am not a big fairy and elf person…Angels….ahhh those I can do all the time. Secondly I have been very uninspired to create these past weeks….I’m either too tired or its the wrong time or I am procrastinating….I have been very unproductive in the studio. It could also be that my creative self is busy ”creating’ our new home. Deciding where to hang paintings, styling all our little mementos and photographs and constantly re-organizing cupboards….its just hasnt left me with much head space to work on art in the studio.

Back to this months project, It took me awhile to decide how to incorporate all 3 into a single project. Once there I felt I was overthinking it and decided to pursue just Angels….IMG_4881


This project was made for my BFF in Cape town. She truly is my Angel….my friend in deed, my partner in crime, my shoulder to lean on……social media and technology is great but it cant replace those face to face meetings and coffee mornings…I miss her so. But while the miles separated us I wanted her to have something to hold on to. Something to remind her that I am with her in spirit, no matter how far apart we are.

This is a fairly large canvas going by my normal project sizes. I have used my usual collage papers, texture paste, stamping and stenciling techniques. I love the skirt on the Angels dress. It has a beautiful texture and flecks of gold.

IMG_4879 - Copy

The heart was a paper doily I cut using the heart punch then colored it with red ink. The quote was printed onto tissue paper before transferring to the canvas. I wasn’t sure I could line up all my alpha stamps so neatly…:))

IMG_4880 - Copy

My favorite element of this piece is the heart and these little lollipop flowers. they were so fun to make. With every layer they evolved and changed. I have some words on their stems to describe our relationship.

IMG_4883 - Copy

I was so proud of how it turned out! And my BFF was super chuffed to have one of my originals. She reckons it will be worth a lot of money someday…lol….A girl can dream right.

Dont forget to go over to Mixed Media lab page and check out what my fellow DT members have come up with for this theme.


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