Emotions – Mixed Media Lab DT – Feb 2016

Wow! Another entire month gone by since my last post! Its been a very busy month for sure. We moved to our new place and its been unpacking unpacking unpacking since. A bit of a difficult task when you have a LOT of stuff and are trying to condense it into a much smaller space.

This months theme for my DT contribution to Mixed Media Lab is ‘Emotions’. A theme that is definitely relevant to the state(s) of mind I have been in these past weeks.


Its almost 2 months since we moved from Cape Town and each day has brought its own challenges. Amid those daily domestic woes I miss my friends and familiar faces dearly, miss having a car to go where I want when I want, miss the familiarity of supermarkets and shops and above all I yearn for the beauty of Durbanville and the immense joy I got from viewing the beautiful mountains and valleys each day.

And despite all those sad feelings my heart is simultaneously thankful, grateful and happy, for all the Lord has blessed us with. Much more than we could have imagined. We have a lovely house, the kids are well settled already in their wonderful new school, I have started to make new friends and engage with the community at school and in our neighbourhood. There is excitement for the new projects I am undertaking and planning, Life has come together a lot faster than could be considered ‘normal’ for newcomers.

So my canvas today reflects all these emotions. The quote is beautiful and I will remind myself of this whenever my emotions start to get the better of me.

A little about the process: Since the studio is still not quite set up I am struggling with step by step pictures and videos, (other than the fact that I do get carried away and forget to take pictures most often…:)) but I will try to explain as best I can.

The canvas started with me applying random colors of acrylic paint with a credit card. Then I added some scraps of paper and music sheets for texture. went over these again to highlight certain colors. Then doodled all over with a black pen and stenciled some white paint patterns. Some paint splatters in the same colors used at the base followed.Also added some motifs with Stazon ink and stamps. I added some metallic gold paint sparingly for some luminosity.


Next I drew the leaves and bird with a water color pencil. Painted the teal back ground in (choosing a contrasting color to the base colors used) leaving the insides of the leaves and bird untouched so it would show the background. The paint was fairly thin so that the background effects were still somewhat visible. With my white posca pen I then outlined the design again. This looked a bit too stark and bright so I went over it with a green Inktense pencil. I shadowed all the design areas with a charcoal pencil and set about using other Posca colors to make patterns on the birds. I love the folksy look this achieved. The black outlines on the bird and leaf veins were done with a micron pen and the same used for the writing and little doodles. The gold crown picked up the gold flecks in the background nicely. It was drawn with a Uniball signo gold pen.


Lastly I added the ’emotions’ around all the leaves with a white gel pen and wrote the quote.


This piece will sit in my studio for sure. It is one of my most favorite projects to date. I hope your enjoyed viewing it and dont forget to go over to Mixed Media lab to check out the other posts on the same theme. Cheers to February!




2 thoughts on “Emotions – Mixed Media Lab DT – Feb 2016

  1. I LOVE your many layers!!! I have such a hard time adding different layers. My art journal pages look muddy after I have added so many layers. This piece is soo beautiful!!! You are a very talented artist!!


  2. Love this! I understand your feeling about moving, it took me two years to settle into my hometown and now it is my home. It was a very emotional journey and your painting is so gorgeous and reflective of this. Enjoy!


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