Be Brave (Soul Food)

Be Brave (Soul Food)

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This page is very very special to me. My older son is a boy after my own heart. He has all the creative genes he could possibly have inherited from me and his maternal grandparents…..:))) Not only is he inherently creative himself but always curious about things I do and wanting to experiment and work alongside me while I craft.

Before I ran the Art Journaling introduction work shop last month I wanted to run a test on some tags. To ensure the time would be enough, what sort of tools and equipment I need to carry, what sort of designs would be feasible, etc. My son was very intrigued by the samples I had made and decided he wanted to try it too. We were working side by side and going through a tutorial online each using their own colors and motifs but the same techniques. At some stage I decided to add a spray of colour and it went a bit south!…;( I was disappointed that my over zealousness to add colour had now ruined the piece. My son seeing my unhappy face said ” you took a risk, It did not work out, so what! You tried something new” This really touched my heart and for days I got that warm fuzzy feeling every time I thought about it. At 10 years old he taught me a very valuable lesson and gave me a wonderful memory to live with.

I created this page to honour that memory. Ironically the experiment had a few bumps and the page lived up to the message it carried.

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Writing this post made me┬árealize I don’t have a picture of the tags mentioned above. I must remember to add it here soon.