CUTTLEBUG Cuttlebug where have you been all my life!

CUTTLEBUG Cuttlebug where have you been all my life!

Can you tell I am EXCITED!!!……You know when you have been mulling over something for a very long time, researching reviewing and going around in circles! That been me with die cutting machines!! It took me a whole year of going back and forth to decide on my Cameo and then between the Sizzix and Cuttlebiug and other smaller diecut/ embossers I just could not make up my mind!

A big thank you to Juliet over at Scrapfinnity (Durbanville, CT) who finally helped me to make up my mind! PNA had its annual sale a few weekends ago and this baby was just calling out to me!

I have been collecting embossing folders and dies for a short while now. Especially when they have been on sale or promotions. Now I can finally put them to good use!!!

This baby can cut some amazing stuff! Its is so easy to use and wayyyyyyyyy cool! (Ofcourse you need dies and folders for every design but hey its still so much more convenient than any other die cutter) It can cut dies from almost any brand. All you need to do is adjust the ”sandwich” (A, B C plates)


Look what I did yesterday. One more avenue to pursue my love of fonts! And the negative can even be used as a stencil or to create texture.


This is what I used my first letter cuts for. And a befitting page to use them in too. See the blog post about this page here.


Today we had our neighbourhood craft club meet up and we made some yummy cuts for our napkin stand projects too. I will update this post with links and pictures soon.

If you have never heard of a Cuttle bug look it up here and to see how it works check out this video. I’m off to play some more!






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