CL Art Journal 7- Gratitude

This page happened after a bit of a whirlwind of anxiety and stress. It just seemed like it would not stop at the time. I have had a few instances of this happening in recent times but with each new one I seem to cope better. It is sometimes best to try and step aside from that situation, thank the Lord for all the good things and try to ease that anxiety about the unknown with gratitude for what we already have.

I started with black gesso on this page because that darkness really does envelop you. There was a stenciled doily pattern done with modelling paste (used some left over paste from a different project) The circles were meant to represent me going around in circles but eventually turned out more like gifts and ornaments, which clearly shows a mindshift from that anxiety to a more calm space.

The doily got a little messed up as I tried to highlight just the raised area of the paste. My chalk ink pad had a mind of it own. Coincidentally there is a bit of text in the circles that says ‘happy girl’…:) Love how these things just happen!!

IMG_2131 IMG_0383 IMG_0384



Edit Fly image


Mixed media on Canvas board. Made for my DD’s teacher who retired this year.

This will also be part of a series of mixed media on canvas classes starting soon. Email creatifeksperyans@gmail.com for details. All Classes are held in Cape Town, South Africa.



Art Journal 3 – SOUL FOOD

Art Journal 3 – SOUL FOOD

I have for a while now been working on a third journal but for want of naming it haven’t really posted any of the pages on here. Why another journal you might ask? First because my Contemplating life journal tends to be a bit ‘heavy’ and ‘deep’, secondly because I am very impatient and impulsive with my art work. If one journal is drying or needs some resting time, I can move to the next page in a different book without losing my mojo…:))) But mainly because I wanted a ‘happy book’, Something filled with pages that will inspire the artist in me and pull me up when I am in a negative space. SOUL FOOD seemed like a fitting name…..it provides nourishment to my artist soul.

This journal is also a Zequenz 360* book. Still my favorite in terms of price and features mentioned here. For some variation the cover of this one is Black. So yes it is my little black book of positivity.

I hope some of the pages will inspire you too.




Art Journal Introduction morning

My first Art Journal introduction workshop on 9th May 2015 at Creative Arts in Durbanville, Cape town. I was so nervous despite having taught and presented on numerous occasions in other spheres of my life. There was a very powerful feeling of this being a new beginning, a sort of forerunner to things to come. A sense of purpose and an inherent belief in what I was doing…..but I was still nervous…lol..wonder why!! But as always once I get started there is nothing but the eager participants on my mind.

We started with a little presentation about Art journaling. It is a fairly uncommon art at the moment here in SA. Very few places actually offer classes or journaling crop sessions. We went thru the basic tools required, busted some myths about needing a mortgage to buy materials and also featured some prominent journalers and their personal style.

The morning was also about a bit of  touch and feel session and some play. I demonstrated layering techniques and all the participants made little tags as a memento of the mornings proceedings. It never ceases to amaze me how with the same set of instructions and resources each tag is unique and special.

If you are interested in attending a workshop, class or journaling crop, email creatifeksperyans@gmail.com for details. I work out of various studios in Cape town, South Africa, so there just might be one near you.


IMG_2596 IMG_2597 IMG_2600 IMG_2601 IMG_2602 IMG_2604 IMG_2606 IMG_2609 IMG_2610


CL Art Journal – 6 All you need is love

Some days love and fresh air is really all you need to get by. I have long been a fan of the song by the same name by the Beatles. Love has a certain power like no other. It is an emotion that can drive you to achieve great heights or plunge you to deep despair.  It is also the perfect ‘ rescue’ pill. That day I was caught between experiencing it on both ends of the spectrum…simultaneously.

For this page as always I was aiming to try something ‘new’ and have made a little tutorial for how I went about it here. Enjoy.





CL Art Journal 5 – Watching the world go by

This was an especially busy and tough week for me. Some days there are just so many things I WANT to do but there are overshadowed by all the things I NEED to do. Time just does not stand still and sometimes I am just way too tired. Once you cross 4o you become vividly aware of how much you wanted to do and how much you have actually achieved. This almost makes you want to hit the fast forward button on certain important developments you have wanted in your life. That sense of regret and frustration often makes me feel like life is just passing me by. I am like a spectator, helpless and powerless and small.

This was one of my first faces in a journal page. Inspired by a video by Dina Wakley. I recall how scared I was to draw faces on my fashion design illustrations and that hasnt changed that much even now. But the video reminded me of a lot of the basic concepts I have learned before and allowed me to explore water color pencils too.



Plenty of room for improvement on the face for sure, But I quite like the way it turned out for a first attempt. I have since gone on to do the ‘Fly’ canvas and ‘Inner Peace’ page using faces.


My welcome back home/Xmas gift last year was the Silhouette Cameo  although I really havent had much time to play with it I have been experimenting a bit. In trying to get the fonts cut out, the machine messed up some of the paper and I was left with this beautiful negative impression of the word I was actually trying to cut. Happy accident. My favorite Moroccan trellis stencil with texture paste partially covers the face. The winter feel just evolved and fit in with the message somehow.



An unusual combination of colors for me but they seem to work quite nicely.


Definitely want to go from spectator to player soon!